Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Moon over durango

After a late start we spent a lazy day wandering around Durango. There's a free trolly bus from the park into the city centre. Durango is a outdoorsy kind of town but not quite like moab. It lacks the grit and the outdoor feel. It has more students (with more tatoos that I have EVER seen) and a smattering of trendy cafe's/restaurants and bars. Moab screams 'come here, get the 4*4 out and get dirty'. Still it's a likeable kind of town. Tomorrow we head up the million dollar highway (US 550) in a rented car. Have a look at the link and you'll be able to see it's going to be an interesting drive.

Below is a photo of the moon from our campsite. Looking forward to the full moon later this week.

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