Monday, May 04, 2009

Santa Fe Trails

We saw a real life cowboy in Santa Fe this afternoon. John Wayne Haynes has travelled 2000 miles from Michigan to Santa Fe with 2 horses and 2 dogs for company. Sounds like a very interesting person who is living his dream. As John Wayne said 'A man ought to do what he thinks is right'..he also said 'Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid'. Read an article here in the Santa Fe Newspaper. We didn't actually chat with him but followed his progress for half an hour. He didn't seem to go 100 yards before someone stopped him to chat or take a photo. I've attached a couple of photos. Click on them for the larger versions.

Santa Fe was a nice little place to visit. Great to wander around, fantastic architecture, lots of Adobe buildings. We wandered down 'Canyon Road' which is full of little galleries and studios. I bought Abi a silver ring with Turquoise stones mined in Nevada. Before we left we visited a gallery owned by a lady called Lisa Kristine. Have a look at her website, there are some fantastic photos. Very expensive but I'd like to see if I can pick up a print when I get home.
We're camping about 6 miles outside the centre of Santa Fe in a lovely little RV Park, the Trailer Ranch RV Resort. There are restaurants within walking distance and a bus stop just outside the main gate were you can catch a 'Santa Fe Trails' bus into town and back again for $2. A bargin. I found this park on a blog I'm following written by a couple of 'full time' campers. It makes for interesting reading. They're got a second blog reviewing all the places they've camped. That's something Abi and I would love to do for a year or two. Just rent out the house, take off and hit the wide open road. Who knows what will happen, you can achieve anything you put your mind to, or so I'm told.

Tomorrow we leave for Durango, Colorado for a few days. Further updates to follow.

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