Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fins and Things

We had a fantastic day taking our little jeep off road. After a 7am appointment at the pancake 'haus' we picked up the jeep up at 7:45. We weren't sure where to go and the gentleman at the hire shop suggested a trail called 'Fins and Things'. Although it was classed as a moderate trail he said he was sure we'd cope. Well it was mainly 'slick rock and sand' and had some vertical climbs and horizontal drops. Rob did all of the driving and did an admiral job - I walked up /down the really scary parts (under the pretence of 'I'll video you my love' ..). There were some stunning views and lots of mad people on mountain bikes, motor bikes and ATV's - some cuts and bruises were obtained, I'm sure!

All in all though it was great and the jeep can withstand some battering and it's just a case of having confidence. The guy in the RV next to us came home yesterday with a few 'bumps and dings' after he'd rolled his jeep and had to get hoisted out ... we didn't try that trial!

As we started early we had a full day of it, although the time went really quickly - we did go back to Shaeffer Trial (along the bottom of Dead Horse Point) and (Long Canyon Trial) Pucker Pass (and it sure did pucker too!) then it was time to return the jeep - in total 100 miles of fun :-)

We got back to the RV and decided to shower all the red sand off - lovely! Then we had a slight plumbing issue in the 'not so clean water' area and Rob had to stick his hand up the pipe and then flush it all through - he feels like a true camper now, but it did mean that a 3rd shower of the day was called for! (Rob here....I was draining the 'black' water tank but the value wouldn't close when I'd finished. I then discovered that the tank wasn't empty and a large wad of toilet paper was stuck in the value. I couldn't leave it as it was so I had to roll my sleeves up and clear it. It was disgusting but at the same time satisfying. Its another string to my bow and a possible career should I lose my current job!!!).

Off to Monument Valley tomorrow - so about a 3hr drive ahead, I want to get there earlyish so we can have a look around and I can hopefully get an hr or two tanning in before the sun goes down!

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Anonymous said...

The Fins & Things trail looks almost as scary as driving around Guildford in the rush hour!!!