Sunday, May 03, 2009


After leaving Alamogordo we drove 200+ miles north and then west to Grants, NM. Just off I-40 this was an overnight stop before visiting Acoma Pueblo. We stayed in a KOA (Kamp of America) for the first time. Lovely little camp site where I was given a cookie on arrival and you can have 'home cooked' meals delivered to your rig. How good is that? We opted for a Pizza with the works, some Cherry Pie and a six pack (of sodas!!!!)

The following morning we took the short drive to Acoma Pueblo. This is a villiage set on top of a messa (large lump of rock). The Indian tribe has lived there for 1000+ years although most now live in the surrounding area. After arriving at the visitor centre we paid $20 each for the 90 minute guided toor. Each camera also had to have a permit and no photo's were allowed in the Church or the Graveyard (where they are burried 4 deep, but are now on the last 'layer'). It was really interesting and we opted to take the 'steps' down to the bottom ... well it was all carved out of the rock (as I guess it would be) but some bits were a little 'vertical' and narrow - glad we had sensible shoes on!!

Leaving Acoma we headed west back to Albuquerque and then north to Santa Fe, following a thunderstorm with lightening going off all around us, but we only got caught in a little of the rain - although we felt a fair bit of the wind! We are currently camped a few miles s/w of the city centre. Once we've showered and dressed we'll take the bus (yes America has public transport) into the city and explore.

Tomorrow we're heading north towards Taos, NM or Durango, CO. A decision has yet to be made. I leave you a photo of Acoma below and if you click on it to enlarge, you'll be able to see the village perched right in the middle at the top - wow!

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