Monday, April 20, 2009

Which phone

Its official. The Blackberry storm is not an iPhone, not even close. Its a touch screen Blackberry with an awful UI. What makes the iPhone great? The UI, the Apps Store, Itunes integration but most of all it's so simple to use. Keep it simple!!!!!

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Ameya said...

Hey Rob! Robert Warde was my grandfather's name as well. :) My line is about to die out, I'm the last Warde and i'm a girl, so it's always exciting for me to find someone else with my name since i dont have any cousins or anything that share it!

I'm not related to anyone in NY, my Warde's immigrated from Northern Ireland to San Francisco in the late 1800s (went through Canada, i believe), though I've had trouble finding them before they got to the states, even though I work on my genealogy a lot :(

Nice to hear from you! :)