Monday, April 27, 2009


Currently in Tuscon, Arizona. Our luggage arrived at 11am yesterday afternoon so all is good in Arizona. Abi hasn't worn most of the clothes she purchased so we'll be returning them later this week. As we had to hang around yesterday we spent the afternoon wandering the park and sitting by the pool. Lots of nesting birds and a wonderful owl chick that everyone is keeping an eye on.

Although this is the end of the season the park is only 1/4 full. Everyone here is lovely and we've been chatting to so many people. We met a young couple who live here (Jess and James) and they invited us down to their pitch to last night for a drink. They lit a fire which encouraged a few more people to pop over. We had a relaxing evening putting the world to rights and talking nonsense. This couple are artists - painters and writers. Jess paints 9ft by 4ft pictures of insects. It's difficult to explain so have a look at her website. It's very interesting.

Today we are off to the Arizona Sonoma Desert Museum. More to come later.

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