Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Down New Mexico way

We arrived in Las Cruces, New Mexico last night after a 4 1/2 hour drive from Tucson, Arizona (all of which I drove and praise the Lord for sat-nav).

Let me just got back a bit and report on our last few days in Tucson. We spend Monday at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.... (Abi's bit...) it was a loop of about 2miles and then had exhibition halls etc off to the sides. Fortunately it was quite cloudy as we walked round, but it was still lovely and hot... in fact as we didn't get up and get moving too quickly (shocker!) so by the time we were at the 'mountain lions' they were having their siesta and we could only see feet and the shapes of their bodies. The little piggies were all snoozing under a bridge and the coyotes were no where to be seen (but we heard them every morning and evening around our campsite). There was an aviary which was not that great (saw most of the birds around our site) but it was nice to see them close up (and on their nests). The highlight had to be the hummingbird house with the tiny colourful 'shots' as they wizzed by, sitting still though one did come to check me out (by all accounts they are really nosey) and all I could hear was the buzz of his wings and the chirping. Rob got some great shots, but it's so hard as by the time you spot one, it's gone! We saw one sitting on the smallest thimble type nest and if it hadn't been pointed out, you would have walked past easily. I stroked a snake and had it wrap it's tail round my finger - at which point Rob was admiring from a great distance!! It wasn't poisonous - so I felt quite happy, but still wasn't able to convince Rob to come and get closer.

(Back to Rob ....) Yesterday we stopped off at Pima Air Space Museum on the way out of Tucson. It's a fabulous place filled with 250+ planes. From a Hawker Hurricane to a giant B52 and everything in between. They even had the worlds greatest aircraft, the Harrier (albeit a US AV8B in marine colours). There are two things that make it a great place. Firstly all the guides are retired pilots and secondly it's right next door to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base so we had A10's and F16's buzzing us all morning.

So what next? Las Cruces is just an overnight stopover. A place to rest and replenish supplies. From here we head north east to Alamagordo (love that name) and what I hope will be one of the highlights of the trip, White Sands National Monument

As a final note I'd like to say that everyone we've met in the parks has been lovely. We always chat to more people when we camp. Everyone is helpful, friendly and 'loves our accents!!!'.

Oh and another thing the mobile valeting companies will come and clean your RV onsite. How much I hear you ask. Well they charge by the foot!!!!! I suppose they would. At $6 a foot our RV would cost $132 or £91...So Abi, go fill your bucket!!!

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Glad to hear everything is going well. Take care.