Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A plea to Abi

Abi, I want to go to Moab where 'adventure begins' and the vacation starts. Just thought I'd post this on the blog, you'll have a look and agree to go back. Especially as the Moab Photo Symposium (?) is on at the same time.

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Abi said...

Baby, I've already said if you want to go back there we can, we just need to get that map out and work it in! The guy doing the voiceover isn't the most charasmatic of people though is he?!?! and it does make me giggle when they say 'downtown Moab' like it's got more than one main street!!!! xx lets stop talking about the map and get it out and sorted :-) even if we don't go back though, I'm sure we'll find a new equally great place, but we will definately go back to our 'Dead Horse Point' because it is really special - like you xx