Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3:10 To Phoenix

Our vacation is coming along. We arrive in Phoenix on the 24th April, departing on the 11th May. First nights accommodation is organised along with the RV. Thats about it for the moment. I've got maps, guide books and the internet and now I need to do some research.

New Mexico looks interesting along with South East Arizona and South West Colorado. Updates to come.

I've just made some amendments to my playlist. I advise you to listen to Mr. King. This man rocks.

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Abi said...

hello gorgeous baby boy - what's this foo be doo ... new name? I'm very excited about our holiday - in fact, can't wait :-)
Will look at the books and plan where we can go and what we can see shortly ... I really do what to get involved in looking at all the options sweetheart, don't think I don't.

All my love xx