Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3:10 To Phoenix

Our vacation is coming along. We arrive in Phoenix on the 24th April, departing on the 11th May. First nights accommodation is organised along with the RV. Thats about it for the moment. I've got maps, guide books and the internet and now I need to do some research.

New Mexico looks interesting along with South East Arizona and South West Colorado. Updates to come.

I've just made some amendments to my playlist. I advise you to listen to Mr. King. This man rocks.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photography Escape - Part II

I sat here writing a review of our photography course, pressed the wrong button and lost everything just in time to watch the web page 'autosave'!!!! I'm not going to attempt to write it again. Lets just say it was an enjoyable four day break. I learnt a hell of a lot about digital photography and I'm now trying to figure out what to do next.

Our Sony A100 DSLR is now for sale on eBay. I'm also selling a compact camera in the hope of using the funds to put towards some new lenses. My Nikon came with a 18-105mm lens and I was planning on buying the 70-300mm VR lens to compliment it. However, the course has given me a better idea of what we actually need. I'm now looking at a 35 - 100mm Macro lens, a 10-20mm wide angle for landscape photography and possibly a zoom lens. I need lenses with a decent aperture. At maximum zoom I can only get ours down to f/5. Which isn't enough if I want a shallow depth of field. There's a great camera shop about 30 minutes from our house so once I've sold our cameras on eBay I'm going to pop down and have a play around with various lenses and see what works.

The bigger question is what sort of photography interests me?us? Landscape is a given, documentary is interesting but time consuming, portraiture is good too but I love architecture. A friend has sent me links to a couple of sites that provide online training and I'm having a look to see if there is something that can help me move forward.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Photos are here

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - the results are in. Our Photography Escape is over, we're coming back this afternoon and....????? More to come on the actual course later, in the meantime our best photos from the week have been uploaded to Flickr. Click here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photography Escape

Abi and I leave for Spain tomorrow afternoon to attend a four day photograpy escape. I'll be packing my new Nikon and bags of enthusiasm. I can't wait. I want to know what all the buttons are on our cameras and how to compose a photo without looking like a complete novice. The course kicks off with the technical details then moves on to the creative side of things. Then we head off on location to put the theory into practice before coming back and reviewing our work in front of our class mates over a glass of Riocha....ROCK ON!! Keep an eye out for some fab photos that we'll be uploading over the next five days.

Have a look at their website, Creative Escapes.

* The photo on the left was taken to the west of Billingshurst over Christmas. I wanted to get a better shot of the boat and the wood but I think this black and white shot is better.