Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Playlist

Just found and within seconds I'd created my own. Just click on the image on the right hand side to play some of my favorite songs. This is the english version of my playlist, Aussies just won't appreciate the quality music so I'll do something different for them later. Perhaps a few INXS tracks and the sound of sheep might do it.

Dad - I've got a few tracks for you. I managed to find the complete 'Sinatra at the Sands' mp3 which has to be one of my top 5 cd's. I finished a Sinatra Biography last week. This is a man who put so much thought into the music, presentation, arrangement and diction. There isn't anyone like this guy today and to throw that in the mix with Count Bassie is just out of this world.

To quote Mr Sinatra “You gotta love livin', baby, 'cause dyin' is a pain in the ass.”

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Gone but won't be forgotten

The annual Robert 'Birth Week' is over for another year :-( We had a fantastic time and can look back on our trip to Florida with fond memories. After going on more active holidays for the past few years it was great to be able to sit back and relax. We are both glad we extended our stay on Anna Maria Island and didn't got to Orlando. It's a fantastic place and from what I can see has one of the best public beaches in Florida (excluding the Pandhandle). Just a very quiet and relaxing place to stay and I would recommend it.

Subject to the impact of the credit crunch we plan to go back there next September for more of the same. 352 days and counting.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Spare me a dollar...?

Got up early this morning and had breakfast at the 'Rod & Reel Pier' at the northern tip of the island. Overlooking Tampa bay this is one of the islands treasures. A little restaurant on the end of a fishing pier serving simple, well presented food with a view to die for. A great way to spend an hour of the morning.

From there we went back to the beach at low tide in search of Sand Dollars. After 30 minutes I located a nearly complete specimen but that was all that was to be found. We'll try again tomorrow.

Now it's back to the pool for some serious R&R.


I went to Google and found the following.

Relaxaton: a feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension or worry

It just about sums up Anna Maria Island. A haven from the stress and strains of life. We've found our own little paradise and we aren't going to share it with anyone. However, if you are interested you could do well to check out the realtor we used.