Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where is Australia

I've probably watched the Olympics for a total of 20 minutes. Not really my thing but I'm still very impressed with the UK's standing after 10 days. To top it all we're beating Russia and Australia. I heard that the Aussie minister of sport had bet our minister that whoever loses will wear the winners team colours. Looks like the Aussies are going to be seeing a lot of red, white and blue. Interesting interviews with some Aussies in London on Breakfast news this morning. One guy commented that the UK was only good at sports where they could sit down for long periods of time - sailing, rowing, cycling!!! I hate to break it to you mate but we've won the women's 400 meters and got a silver and gold in the long distance swimming event.

Roll on 2012!!!!! These athletes have put the Great back in Britain. Well done.

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The bloodnut's dad said...

You may be crowing but at least our summers are not like midwinter. God help the 2012 "summer " games! The following was in the Age News site today:

Last month was the dullest August in Britain since records began in 1929, with just 105.5 hours of sunshine over the entire month, officials said today.

That was far below the month's average of 165 hours, the Met Office said, adding that August was also the fifth wettest on record with 139.8 millimetres of rain falling.