Thursday, June 05, 2008

Top of the Onion

Had a slow start yesterday - due to me being too lazy to get up. Drove northeast and took on the Onion Creek Trail - Very easy but a fantastic view and we must have crossed the Onion creek 15 times :-) Starting off from the main road you drive towards a canyon, then into it before finally coming out on top of it.

From there we attempted the 'Top of the World' trail. Classed as a moderate trail it was tough going at first but we managed to get 3/4 of the way along it before having to return to Moab. Abi was a star and managed to negotiate some difficult sections.

The drive back to Moab was interesting - a storm was brewing to the South West and gusting winds nearly pushed us off the road several times. Still we managed to get back to Moab, dropped off the jeep and then headed to Eddie McStiffs for dinner. After polishing off a Prime Rib and a Rack of ribs, half a bottle of wine and a couple of Amber Ales we headed back to Winnie.

It's been raining all night and today doesn't look any better. Heading back to Denver tonight, it's nearly the end of the vacation :-( Staying at Gamblers Edge RV Resort before returning the RV tomorrow.

More updates later. In the meantime I've posted a video of yesterday exploits to YouTube, see the embedded video below (Muzza - it should be working now).

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HJP said...

I would love to see some of our 'Chelsea Tractor' drivers taking their precious vehicles along this route.