Monday, June 02, 2008

Thursday 29th - GODS COUNTRY?

We were both cream crackered from yesterdays drive so we had a late start and didn't leave the campsite until 12. We headed down to Fishing Bridge Visitors Centre to get some advice and how best to spend the next three days. Here are some Yellowstone facts:

* Established in 1872 - the worlds first National Park.
* 2.2 Million acres (80% forest)
* Lowest point is 5,282 feet - The highest is 11, 358 feet
* 96% of the park is in Wyoming (3% Montana, 1% Idaho)

The park roads are in a figure eight - the upper and lower loops. About 140 miles in total. Plenty to see but a lot of driving too - all at an average speed of 25 - 30 mph. What I find interesting is that Yellowstone is actually one giant volcano crater which last 'blew' 640,000 years ago. Apparently it could blow again at any time.

We spent the day in Geyser County (or Geezer as Abi refers to it). We were going to see 'Old' Faithful' but there appears to be so much to see there that we've put it off until Saturday. We spent an hour at 'West Thumb' following the boardwalks around 15 - 20 springs, pools and geysers. Abi spotted several deer wandering around the tree line. We then headed north to the Fountain Paint Pot area. Not being a geologist the different features are beyond me - but it was very interesting all the same. Lots of pool bubbling away, some small geyser loads of steam. The steam was handy as it was freezing cold and raining for most of the day.

Got back to the campsite around 7 after driving though a snow storm, had dinner, loafed around for a while and then hit the sack. We've got an early start tomorrow (6am) as we're heading to the northern most part of the park to explore Mammoth Hot Springs.

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