Monday, June 02, 2008

Sweet Home Utah!!!! :-)

Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. 450 miles and 9 hours driving. That's three western states - not your small east coast states. 450 miles of hard driving on Interstates, major routes and through mountain ranges - just me and my woman :-) Well I say me and my woman - she was asleep for a couple of hours. Can't take the pace.

At the present time we are in the East Bay RV Park just south of Salt Lake City in a town called Springville, UT. Finishing our trip with a visit to Moab tomorrow and some 4*4'ing!!!!!

Some thoughts on the trip so far - Idaho is well know for it's Potatoes and from what I've seen that's about it. Wyoming has to be twined with Wales - it's wet & very windy. Montana is fantastic and some parts of it remind me of Scotland. South Dakota is pretty cool too - seems to me it's the real wild west. Utah - well what can I say - I just loooove Utah although I15 through Salt Lake City is a bit of a mess. Let me rephrase that - I just loooove all of Utah below I70.

We both noticed that we've only be able to recycle our trash ONCE on this vacation. God help the world!!! I suppose when you're driving a 5.8 Litre pickup you dont really care. At least the Aussies with their Holdens recycle. Come on America get with the program!!! It's about time EVERYONE did their bit.

Check out this song by Kid Rock - All Summer Long. We've heard it a few times on our travels and it's a cracking tune. I'm going to dedicate this to all the redneck pickup truck drivers of the western US of A.

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