Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pucker Pass!!!! Pucker up

Took on Hurrah Pass and got lost!!!! So we had to retrace our steps. I say we got lost, actually we couldn't find the second half of the route. Every track we took appeared to be blocked. Came back for a swim and then went to Arches park to check out their 4*4 routes but the park ranger advised us against it. Instead we too the Gemini Bridges route to Dead Horse Point and then Long Canyon back to Moab. Didn't see the natural bridges but had fun all the some. Some interesting points involving travel on three wheels - also very impressed with the jeeps clearance. We went over some big rocks and didn't ground the jeep. Fantastic views of Arches and the Canyonlands. Pictures posted to Flickr. More 4*4'ing tomorrow, we're going to try the Onion Creek Trail :-)

Short video of todays attempt. Dad - do you recognise the song. I remember listening to this in your car over 25+ years ago. Downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and I think the guy is great.


muzza said...

What happened to the video on youtube?

HJP said...

Sorry, did not remember the track. I cannot imagine that I would have listened to that paritcular one?

Travelingman2 said...

Nice video clip of Pucker Pass. We did this trail on June 08,2008 in a full size truck camper, there was 2 inches to spare on the low side. c.traveler2 aka Travelingman2