Monday, June 02, 2008


Long day of driving from Garryowen, MT to Yellowstone. Started the day at the Little Big Horn County Museum in nearby Harding. Fascinating museum which contains houses, public buildings and farming equipment collected from around the county. A lovely lady was manning the front desk and spent 30 minutes chatting to us.

After that we headed up I90, through Billings MT (our most northern point on the vacation) and then down towards Cody, WY (supposed home of Buffalo Bill). From there it was a 70 mile drive into Yellowstone. Fantastic scenery on the way in, lots of snow on the shoulders but no ice - which is always good when you're driving a 40 ton RV!!! We drove around Yellowstone lake stopping to look at a couple of vents on the shore. Loads of steam which seems very odd when the lake is frozen and there's snow everywhere. We arrived at our camp around 8pm, checked in and after a wildlife briefing proceeded to our pitch. As I said in an earlier post we're in bear country. All food has to be locked away, trash cans are covered and have chutes to keep the critters out and nothing, including dogs, must be left unattended. Unattended dogs are referred to as bear bait!!!! A grizzly was spotted in the camp a few weeks ago so I've got my eyes peeled.

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