Monday, May 19, 2008

Virtual Tours

RV season is nearly upon us - 2 days and the big bus rolls. Can't wait. Planning is done, parks booked, distances calculated and attractions goggled. At the moment we plan to travel 2,500 miles in 15 days!!!! Below is the 10 second overview.
  • Colorado - Rocky Mountain NP
  • SW Wyoming - Oregon Trail and Fort Laramie
  • Nebraska - Oregon Trail
  • South Dakota - Mount Rushmore and the 28th Bomb Wing (Ellsworth AFB)!!!!!
  • NW Wyoming - Sundance & the Devils Tower
  • Montana - Little Big Horn
  • NW Wyoming - Yellowstone NP & Grand Teton NP
  • Idaho - Road Trip (have to go through here and it's another state visited)
  • Utah - Moab, home of the Rubicon Jeep (I can't wait)
  • Denver - End of trip shopping expedition

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