Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Little Big Man

Visited Little Big Horn battlefield today (or 'Little Big Man' as Abi keeps calling it) - I've uploaded several photo's to Flickr. We started at a local museum and watched a presentation on a recent Archaeological dig which attempted to explain exactly what happened during Custer's Last Stand. It seems that Custer was a little too eager and took two companies of Cavalry ahead of the main group to capture (attack) the women and children who were fleeing an Indian camp on the Big Horn river. Realizing that the group was too large to successfully capture he retraced his route only to be attacked. The Indians weren't very happy and overwhelmed his position in minutes. We toured the battlefield for several hours in the freezing cold, returning to the RV to warm up. It's a shame about the weather but at least the rain held off for most of the day.

A quick joke for you......What do Osama bin Laden and Custer have in common? They both wondered where all the tomahawks were coming from.

We did the laundry today - not that interesting I know. However, it's a 50 second walk from our pitch and the guy next door drove his truck to the laundry!!!!!!!! I couldn't help but laugh. I mean it wasn't if he had a lot of laundry and he managed to walk to and from his truck.

Tomorrow we depart for Yellowstone. A four hour drive across Montana and then down into north west Wyoming. We're really looking forward to it. We're staying at Fishing Bridge RV Park - located in the centre of the park. Apparently it only accepts hard sided vehicles as it's on a bear migration route!!!! Should be interesting. No updates until we leave the park on Sunday as they don't have wireless access.


Roy Warde said...

The weather does not look very good, hasn't been good here. Your great grandad was at Little Big Horn. He was camping in the next field and he went across to see what all the noise was about!!! Keep on Blogging :-) x Dad

Sarah Warde said...

Yo Bro and Abs !!!

How y'all doing in the U S of A?! Don't have access to this at work so haven't been able to look, didn't realise it was up and running again until Dad told me!
Hope you're both having a fab time and I'll have a good read of your blog at the weekend when Tia and I come to dads.
Take care ... lotsa love
S x