Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I90!!!! Rain all the way

Drove from Custer, SD to Rapid City to visit the South Dakota Air and Space Museum. Interesting but very few exhibits. From there we headed north west to Spearfish, SD stopping at Walmart for supplies, then continued the journey to the 7th Ranch and RV Park in Garryowen, Montana our final destination. It was a looong journey in the rain on I90 through SW South Dakota and NE Wyoming. We didn't arrive until 9:30 and had time for a snack before bed. Tomorrow we're visiting the Little Big Horn batlefield and Big Horn County Museum.

----- More to come ------

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Muzza said...

It all sounds great Rob and Abi. Sorry I've not had a chance to comment before this. Sorry also to hear about your crash, loss of personal gear and encounters with BA dragons. Drive safely and keep an eye out for that most elusive of creature... An American with a weltanshaung based on something other than what Fox news broadcasts. Ask Abi for the translation.