Thursday, May 22, 2008

BA 219 - 21/05/2008

As I stood up to check the departure board in the lounge I froze. Our flight was flashing in red with the words ‘LAST CALL’ next to it and I knew we were at least five minutes from the gate. We grabbed our things and ran. Problem is that when your other half is wearing heels it’s difficult to run faster than a jog, especially on a granite floor. I told Abi I’d run ahead and put my foot in the door. Dodging tourists and little kids, who seem to change direction without any thought for the 19 stone man trying to get past them, I managed to get to the gate with seconds to spare or so I was told.

As I arrived at the Gate breathless and sweating I met the dragon. I don’t know her name but lets call her the Dragon. Some very small, inadequate, ugly little bully who’s only pleasure is scaring the cr*p out of her passengers (or self loading freight as we are usually referred to). ‘Are you Mr W**de’ I was asked as I approached the gate. ‘Yes’ I replied trying to speak after running a few hundred meters and having difficulty breathing. ‘Are you Mr W**de’ I was asked again. ‘YES!!!!’ I replied. She launched into a tirade about being on time for flights, arriving early, the door may be closed and they’ll have to offload our luggage…blah, blah, blah. I told her that A) Check-in at the lounge had told us the flight was running at least 20 minutes late and B) The board when from ‘No Gate’ to ‘Last Call’ in seconds and C) The airport layout is appalling and I shouldn’t have to walk miles to the aircraft. She just repeated that the flight was on time and that I may not be able to board. Obviously the customer is always wrong and this little witch is always right. She picked up the phone, dialed a couple of numbers, didn’t actually speak to anyone and then told us we could go down to the gate. All an act of course – as she didn’t actually speak to anyone on the phone – it was just another way of winding us up. My problem is I can’t argue with her – if I raise my voice security will be called and I’ll be chucked out of the airport. As I ran down the jet way I could see they were still loading luggage and meals so they weren’t going to depart any time soon. In fact it was another 10 minutes before the backed off of the stand. What a horrible woman who’s only pleasure in life is winding up passengers. She needs to remember who pays her wages.

When I boarded I asked the dollies at the door if they were waiting for us. The first one said no and the second quickly said yes. Then the engineer guy told me that one of their systems had been showing the flight as late. So who was right?

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In the words of a song by {can't remember who } So Glad You Made It.Enjoy...........