Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Christmas Shopping

If anyone is worried about Christmas shopping for me then hop on a plane to NYC and head down the apple store. :-)

Isn't it a fantastic building. Alternatively, go to the Apple store online. Anything from Apple is always going to be goooooooood!!!

Question of the day: Why do blonde women in Blue BMW 520 Tourers fail to look when they pull out of junctions when I'm doing 50 (in a 60mph zone) with my lights on. While I'm having a crack at blondes - check out the next 4WD you see - especially X5's, X3's, Range Rovers and Discovery's. 70% chance there will be a lone occupant. Guess what, she'll be a blonde usually in the middle of the road because she can't drive. Most of them won't have ordered indicators and they'll be in the phone at the same time. Call me sexist and you would be spot on.

Oh & Abi - It's down to £25.

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