Monday, October 01, 2007

Peace and quiet

We spent the night in fort augusta and sampled a few of the local ales. Nice place which is full of tourists by day and just the locals and boaters in the evening. After a hearty breakfast of porridge (apparenty i could have had a heart attack inducing scottish breakfast if i'd walked 100 meters up the road) we attempted a staircase of 5 locks. Due to the size of the locks the boats had to be pulled through. If we had left the engines on we would have suffocated. It wasn't too hard but with all the tourists watching we tried to look like pros. It took an hour to get through before we were on our way again. Cruising across loch Oich we spotted a couple of stags and even more exciting were the two tornados that buzzed us at very low level. We've arrived at our home for the evening, Laggan Locks.

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