Friday, October 19, 2007

Google Earth just blows my mind

Abi's flight was delayed by 5hrs 45minutes because of a couple of hydraulic failures. So instead of arriving at 14:15 local time I probably won't see her until 21:00 or even later.

Anyway I was trying to find a web site that would show her flight location so I could track it in. Most sites only cover North America BUT I came across a very interesting Google Earth Blog that described a service run some guys at FBOWEB.COM. They provide services to pilots including live flight tracking. Most of it being subscription based. However they provide some sor
t of link from Google Earth enabling you to see live flight arrivals at several of the major US airports. What they didn't explain is that you can see EVERY flight that is on it's way to the airport in question and not just those coming into land. For details go here. Check out these pictures of Abi's flight.

Check out these pictures of Abi's flight.
There are two other aircraft very close to Abi's. The first is an Air India 747 going from Heathrow to Chicago. The second is a private Lear Jet Ambulance going from Goose Bay (Canada) to Iceland.

Abi's flight landing at Chicago O'Hare - She's the one with the yellow track.

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Abi said...

looking at this again, it's soooo clever, it also makes me feel for air-traffic-control guys, it's amazing to see so many!