Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Amercian Pie

I’ve just spent the past two weeks on a course in Chicago and had a fantastic time (the course wasn't too bad either). I can’t wait to go back. Amazing architecture (Hancock Building, Wrigley Building), awesome music (Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy & John Lee Hooker), great food (Chicago Pizza Pie!!!!!!) but shocking roads and awful traffic. I’ve been fascinated by America ever since went there as a child. The size, history, politics, scenery, people, culture – This is the country that didn’t necessarily invent anything significant but has showed people how to develop and market products – Who designed the iPod – A brit! Who invented the TV – a brit! Who invented the jet engine – a brit! However, who turned the iPod into the product of the millennium – Steve Jobs - An American!, Which company developed the worlds best selling jet aircraft – Boeing – An American Company! Who produced The Godfather, When Harry Met Sally, Shawshank Redemption – Americans. Anyway, I’m not going to go on. Here are a few ‘funny’ things I observed on my trip

• Driving while on your mobile phone is a legal requirement. If you can reverse while using it you get a special award.
• The higher the fuel consumption the better the vehicle.
• City driving requires the largest SUV you can afford.
• Never stop at a traffic light if it’s orange. It has to be red for several seconds.
• While waiting for a traffic light to turn green keep inching forward.
• Undertaking should be performed at every opportunity.
• Saying thank you is optional but if you say thank you should expect ‘uh ha!!!’ in response.
• People can eat a whole meal with just a fork.
• If you order a take-out work out what you want and then half the order. Still expect to throw most of it away.

I’m not being serious – well only a little as the above could be applied to most countries. What amazed me the most is the number of people driving and using a mobile phone. These people have cars that cost tens of thousands of dollars, mobile phones that cost hundreds of dollars and they can’t afford a $5 hands free kit.

Enough said…..

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