Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My new phone

Just ordered a Sony W850I from Vodafone? Why I hear someone ask? Weren't you going to order the iPhone? Well I still might do but there are a couple of issues. No confirmed launch date in the UK, no confirmed partner (rumours it may be T-Mobile) and no reports from the US.

So I've swapped providers so I should now be able to get service in the office and signed up for a twelve month contract. Hopefully by this time next year we should know a lot more about the iPhone.

Why did I pick the Sony? We'll Nokia and Motorola seem to make phones that look good but have very poor functionality. I've had Sony phones for the past six years (apart from a couple of awful smart phones which are now on ebay) and I've been really impressed with the phone, features and the OS. So I thought I'd try another one. Looks quite sexy and fingers crossed I'll get reception in the office.

Other news - I'm starting to think about what I can do job wise. I have a few ideas I just need to do some more research. Current thinking is to stay for another 18 months and then go - hopefully with a nice cheque or just sod it and go anyway.

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