Thursday, June 28, 2007

US Journalist refuses to read story live on air

How fantastic is this. At last people understand what a waste of time Paris Hilton is. See the attached video

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm Blogging from the garage as i build abi's cross trainer. Fantastic machine but more parts than a ford mondeo. Looks like i'm going to be here for a while.

Another mobile Blog

Lovely photo from italy. Abi and I had lunch at the harbour here. Great banana splits.

Blogging on the move

Just found another fantastic feature on my new phone. Mobile Blogging. How cool is that! I can blog directly from my phone anywhere in the world. More mobile thoughts to come. Bet you can't do that on a blackberry ;-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My new phone

Just ordered a Sony W850I from Vodafone? Why I hear someone ask? Weren't you going to order the iPhone? Well I still might do but there are a couple of issues. No confirmed launch date in the UK, no confirmed partner (rumours it may be T-Mobile) and no reports from the US.

So I've swapped providers so I should now be able to get service in the office and signed up for a twelve month contract. Hopefully by this time next year we should know a lot more about the iPhone.

Why did I pick the Sony? We'll Nokia and Motorola seem to make phones that look good but have very poor functionality. I've had Sony phones for the past six years (apart from a couple of awful smart phones which are now on ebay) and I've been really impressed with the phone, features and the OS. So I thought I'd try another one. Looks quite sexy and fingers crossed I'll get reception in the office.

Other news - I'm starting to think about what I can do job wise. I have a few ideas I just need to do some more research. Current thinking is to stay for another 18 months and then go - hopefully with a nice cheque or just sod it and go anyway.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Its official - I hate my job and the people I work for (perhaps hate is too strong a word but it will do for now). The enthusiasm I used to have is long gone. Every morning it’s a struggle just to get out of bed. I know it's a struggle for most people but I'm not interested in coming in the office. I’d much rather stay at home and watch reruns of ‘Cash in the Attic’, that’s how bored I am. Perhaps I'm suffering from depression? Could it be I've been working for the same company for too long? Maybe I've been in the same role for longer than I should have? It might be that I’ve never really had a career and have no interest in climbing the greasy pole (you won’t see me on the Apprentice). Perhaps I should have taken the offer of a job in the RAF. I could be a retired technician working for a middle eastern government earning some tax free cash with a lovely pension to fall back on and no worries about the future. I do appreciate it's a means to an end - you work to live and don't live to work (well some of us do anyway) but spending another twenty years in this place would drive me up the wall. The office has all the atmosphere of a train spotter’s convention on a rainy Wednesday afternoon in Crawley. The people with any sense have gone and most of those that were left have been outsourced. Just the Muppets and paper pushers left. I was offered redundancy a few months ago; perhaps I should have taken it. I wonder if it’s still available. Hmmmmm, now there’s a thought.
I suppose the time has come for me to move on; unfortunately I have a mortgage to pay and no idea what I can or could do if I left. ANY ideas would be appreciated? You can leave a comment below; job offers will also be welcome.

Right now I'm off to investigate SOAP and find out if I'm actually able to do my job.