Friday, May 11, 2007

It's not all about money?

Just to clarify my earlier posting - When I say it's not all about money I mean it's not all about the COST. You get what you pay for, sometimes the lower cost option is a good idea - Sainsburys Value Baked Beans for example. Other times it's a pain in the backside. Low cost airlines - run on a shoestring and if something goes wrong you can whistle. Today their computerised systems didn't recognise the fact that I'd paid for an extra legroom seat. It took me 10 minutes to get them to call and verify the fact.

What I should really say it's life is a compromise - except when it comes to women - Abi is certainly not a compromise and I'm so looking forward to coming home. I can't wait. It's great to go away, but the best part is coming home. Abi - I'm in seat 1C, I'll be the first off the plane and running through arrivals.

On another note I'm taking my Dad golfing on Sunday, subject to the weather. I'm looking forward to showing him my swing and once he stops laughing we might get 9 holes in. I think I'll go round in 55 or under. Anyone want to take that bet :-)

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Abi said...

just don't beat him, or you'll never live it down .. then is beginners luck ever that good?! mind you - looking out the window now, weather pending .. you'll be in the driving range! I'm waiting for you to be running down the gang-way, don't leave your ipod in your seat this time! Safe trip sweetheart & the wines in the fridge xx