Monday, May 28, 2007

Grüße von Zürich

Switzerland isn`t in Austria but they all seem to speak the same language. Highlights of our trip so far include drinking Champagne in a bar all afternoon and watching the whole world go by, finding out that `Leffe Blonde` gives you a hangover wherever you are, that graffiti is just as popular here as it is in Copenhagen and Stockholm, Zurich Old Town hosts most of Switzerlands stag and hen nights and Super Man in Swiss is pronounced SupiMaan (sounds a lot funnier after a few beers).

Took the train to Lucerne yesterday and spent the afternoon wandering around the city from coffee shop to coffee shop, last night we had fondu (again) and then retired to a lovely jazz bar for several beers until we were kicked out. It`s an interesting city to spend a weekend, expensive but very nice. Not as clean as I expected but the trains are fantastic and are ALWAYS on time.
More next week

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