Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dilbert starts to Blog

Not nearly as funny as mine but I like the idea of writting in the style of Mark Twain. Any suggestions for a new writting style for us? Tom Clancy? John Grisham? Jackie Collins? Suggestions welcome.

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Abi said...

we should have done Australia like Bill Bryson or Billy Connelly! ... I like Maeve Binchy but I think we have to be in Ireland to write anything like her! It's like 'whose line is it anyway' I think you could chop & change & see what response you get! Was listening to GLR yesterday (not for long) and there was a lady DJ who rolled everything in together & it was tough to decifer what she was reading out (from the listeners) & what were her thoughts - kept you on your toes though! see you later gorgeous x