Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Meatballs and herrings?

Arrived in Denmark on Sunday for a weeks training. Why am I in Denmark and not London - Well the training is urgent and the UK courses don't run until July. The only English language courses were in San Francisco, Chicago and Denmark - Obviously my companies budget doesn't run to the US so here I am in the land of meatballs (according to Wikipedia).

Interesting mix of people - Swedes, Germans, Danes & Norwegians all impressed with my mastery of English and complate lack of understanding of any other language. I'm english and I expect everyone else to know the langauge. It's also helpful that the international techie langague is english anyway.

What am I here to learn? SAP ERP - a marketing leading solution produced by SAP AG in Germany. Used by 38,0000 companies in 120 countries by 12 million people (once again I use Wikipedia for my reference material). I'm focusing on SAP PI (formally XI) which is a product used to facilitate the exchange of information internally and externally. In laymans terms it allows different systems to exchange information. I won't go into the SAP speak and bore you with endless features but lets just say it's interesting and should keep me in work for the next year while the outsourcing partners (Indians) figure it out. Then it's just a matter of time before I'm out on my ear :-( Then thats progress I suppose - thank god for Dilbert - Please read Scott Adams blog, see the link on the right hand side - it's fantastic.

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