Thursday, May 31, 2007

Abi speak 101

Comment from Abi I found in an old email.... ' North West or North would mean a huge amount to me (it depends which way I'm facing!!)'. Some of her comments do make me smile, they may be accurate but they are funny all the same. I remember standing on the top of the CN Tower in Toronto (pronounced Torono by the many T's Victoria?????!?!?!...sorry another joke), we'd gone up from the main observation deck to the Sky Pod, another 350 feet or so. Looking out the window Abi was heard to say ' can't see any more but what you can see is smaller'. How fantastic is that.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Grüße von Zürich

Switzerland isn`t in Austria but they all seem to speak the same language. Highlights of our trip so far include drinking Champagne in a bar all afternoon and watching the whole world go by, finding out that `Leffe Blonde` gives you a hangover wherever you are, that graffiti is just as popular here as it is in Copenhagen and Stockholm, Zurich Old Town hosts most of Switzerlands stag and hen nights and Super Man in Swiss is pronounced SupiMaan (sounds a lot funnier after a few beers).

Took the train to Lucerne yesterday and spent the afternoon wandering around the city from coffee shop to coffee shop, last night we had fondu (again) and then retired to a lovely jazz bar for several beers until we were kicked out. It`s an interesting city to spend a weekend, expensive but very nice. Not as clean as I expected but the trains are fantastic and are ALWAYS on time.
More next week

Friday, May 25, 2007

Great photos...

Abi recently sent out an email with a fantastic photo. She said she would love to be able to take great photo's. Well she does (and me too). Have a look at the following and tell me it's fantastic. Thanks to Flickr Tools

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

43k is not enough...but who cares

Completed our own little walk this weekend. The Abi & Rob 43K Van Ieper. We were walking around Ieper in Belgium along with Germans, Dutch, Belgians some French and quite a few Brits. A 100K walk staggered over three days. I think we were a little too ambitious and the lack of training showed. Still we managed 43K (I'm including the walk to and from the hotel to the start line) and had a wonderful time. It's all about taking part and enjoying yourself - thats what I keep telling myself anyway.

Great picture below. Notice the difference in walking styles. Muzza on the left is really focusing, trying hard and doing a good job, Dave in the middle is taking it in his stride, like he was walking to the corner shop and Abi - well she's very special ;-) The only girl walking in a mini skirt and doing it with such style.
The photo's are on Flickr in the usual place (Link down the right hand side. Off to Austria next but will update the blog before we leave on Friday.

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's not all about money?

Just to clarify my earlier posting - When I say it's not all about money I mean it's not all about the COST. You get what you pay for, sometimes the lower cost option is a good idea - Sainsburys Value Baked Beans for example. Other times it's a pain in the backside. Low cost airlines - run on a shoestring and if something goes wrong you can whistle. Today their computerised systems didn't recognise the fact that I'd paid for an extra legroom seat. It took me 10 minutes to get them to call and verify the fact.

What I should really say it's life is a compromise - except when it comes to women - Abi is certainly not a compromise and I'm so looking forward to coming home. I can't wait. It's great to go away, but the best part is coming home. Abi - I'm in seat 1C, I'll be the first off the plane and running through arrivals.

On another note I'm taking my Dad golfing on Sunday, subject to the weather. I'm looking forward to showing him my swing and once he stops laughing we might get 9 holes in. I think I'll go round in 55 or under. Anyone want to take that bet :-)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lunch is for wimps....

Micheal Douglas is to reprise his role as Gordon Gecko in the movie Money Never Sleeps - the sequal to Wall Street. Don't you remember the fabulous quotes - 'Greed is good', 'Whats worth doing is worth getting paid for' (which could be updated to 'whats worth doing could be outsourced to someone who doesn't give a s**t') and 'If you need a friend, get a dog!!' How can you forget the braces, pin stripe suites and the 80's fashions. If you are as bored as I am you can go to this site and watch his speech. It's still as relevant today as it was 20!!!! years ago. 'The new law of evolution in corporate America seems to be survival of the unfittest'


And while I'm here a quick moan. Web sites - why do the developers try to be too clever. I'm in Denmark and seems to think I must be Danish, regardless of the fact my computers regional settings are all 'ENGLISH UK'. What makes it think that if my laptop is English but I'm in Denmark I must have picked up the langauge. If anyone knows what Vis Eksempel means let me know...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Meatballs and herrings?

Arrived in Denmark on Sunday for a weeks training. Why am I in Denmark and not London - Well the training is urgent and the UK courses don't run until July. The only English language courses were in San Francisco, Chicago and Denmark - Obviously my companies budget doesn't run to the US so here I am in the land of meatballs (according to Wikipedia).

Interesting mix of people - Swedes, Germans, Danes & Norwegians all impressed with my mastery of English and complate lack of understanding of any other language. I'm english and I expect everyone else to know the langauge. It's also helpful that the international techie langague is english anyway.

What am I here to learn? SAP ERP - a marketing leading solution produced by SAP AG in Germany. Used by 38,0000 companies in 120 countries by 12 million people (once again I use Wikipedia for my reference material). I'm focusing on SAP PI (formally XI) which is a product used to facilitate the exchange of information internally and externally. In laymans terms it allows different systems to exchange information. I won't go into the SAP speak and bore you with endless features but lets just say it's interesting and should keep me in work for the next year while the outsourcing partners (Indians) figure it out. Then it's just a matter of time before I'm out on my ear :-( Then thats progress I suppose - thank god for Dilbert - Please read Scott Adams blog, see the link on the right hand side - it's fantastic.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Girls just want to get drunk :-)

Tracey's hen night in Alicante. I've uploaded a video clip below, click on the play button to watch it (pretty obvious but you are girls). I love the rendition of 'Eye of the Tiger', fantastic!!!!

The photo's are on Flickr, just click here to view them. When FLickr opens there's a link in the top right hand corner to display the photo's as a slide show. Sorry I couldn't put the photo's in order but they make for entertaining viewing. Looks like you girls had a great time.

Dilbert starts to Blog

Not nearly as funny as mine but I like the idea of writting in the style of Mark Twain. Any suggestions for a new writting style for us? Tom Clancy? John Grisham? Jackie Collins? Suggestions welcome.