Friday, April 20, 2007

My humps...

Alanis Morrissette has released a parody of ‘My Humps’ by the Back Eyed Peas. It’s has the same lyrics but no pounding base line just a piano to accompany her. It makes you realise how ridiculous the lyrics are. She uploaded it to YouTube and it got 5 million hits in the first week. According to sources Fergie (BEP’s singer) sent Alanis a cake it the shape of a bum. At least she didn’t take it to heart. While we are on the subject of videos and the internet have a look at a few of the links below if you have a few minutes to kill

Female Mullets – It’s not good to laugh at the afflicted

Over & under rated Adam Sandler Movies

Travis pays tribute to Britney Spears

Six Billion Others – The hope and dreams of the world, a fantastic project

And finally – Dynamite Surfing in Copenhagen. Just watch it and be amazed at how stupid some people can be (still it’s quite impressive).That’s all for now.

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