Friday, April 27, 2007

Drinking and Cheating?

I think I've solved it thanks to It's a 'drinking and cheating song. Here's someones take on it - Thanks for all your comments (Sis! your a star and I love you lots).

Its a "Drinking and Cheating" song. In the beginning, we are committed to someone (dating, married, whatever) and are sitting at the bar, drunk and looking to have a good time... with whoever. We feel something is missing at the moment (the only think that really matters when you're drunk) and we want to get "back to good". Now, everyone knows that the same thing is going through everyone else's mind, it's just not talked about. Yet all the signals are there. Eventually, we slip away with someone. As long as nobody notices, who really does it hurt?

The second verse is right after the fact, and regret sets in. We are now hurt, and possibly hurt the person we are committed to, and maybe even hurt the person we were with. But we don't know how to get back to the way it was before what we did (Back to Good). It was fun at the moment, but there was nothing lasting in it ("you don't own me") and was just meaningless ("in fact it's phony as hell"). Yet, we truly hope in the end that this moment will never come up again, or we will be at a loss to explain ourselves.

But should we have to explain ourselves? Everyone has those cheating feelings. Everyone. How can one person look down on another for breaking down and going farther with those feelings than another? One person stops at flirting, another with a caress, another at a kiss, another... ("everyone hides shades of shame"), yet we have all cheated to some degree. Yet it's all still cheating ("but looking inside we're the same").

Overall, the song is just telling us that everyone is human, and we all eventually go astray. Don't think for a second that everyone else is faultless, and don't put other's down for thier moments of going "too far".


Muzza said...

More musings... As humans we have been given the luxury of free will. The problem is that free will comes with choice which in turn requires the individual to accept responsibility for those choices. If someone chooses to cheat then as long as they act in good faith (are honest with themselves about their actions) then there is no problem. Note: I can't lay claim to this philosophy as it is one of the cornerstones of existentialism. Another cornerstone of that philosophy is that we are all individuals and as such we have responsibility to no one but ourselves. That being the case it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of our actions it only matters that we accept the consequences of them ourselves. If an individual chooses to condemn another for actions that they consider to be amoral (eg cheating to whatever degree) then that’s their choice but it has no bearing whatsoever on the individual who was amoral in the first place. So the guy from Matchbox 20 who has the gall to tell me that I shouldn’t condemn someone for cheating can go hang. They are his morals, not mine. I choose to condemn someone for cheating and the benchmark I have for what is and what isn’t cheating is based on my own set of standards.

Taking it one step further, the person who wrote about the “meaning” of the song is also at fault. They say “the song is just telling us that everyone is human, and we all eventually go astray.” This implies that to be human is to have no control over one’s actions; that if you are human you have no choice but to cheat…Eventually. Wrong! I choose not to cheat and I would argue that while everyone may be human that does not lead inexorably to cheating. I am human and therefore I have the luxury of choice.

Rob & Abi said...

I'm assuming form the is deep and meaningful response that you agree with our comments.

I'm not sure if he is talking about cheating or an ex. According to one blogger Rob Thomas referred to this as a 'Cheating and Drinking' song at a recent concert.

I think it may be a case of 'I've screwed up, I know it but don't judge me'. Anyway, it's still a great song.

Sis said...

Muzza .... what a deep and seemingly sensitive soul you are. Reading your comments reminds me very much of someone I know.

It's your soap box so you stand on it! I think it would be nice to see a more carefree side of you though. Chill out dude ... or are you just mental, Muzza??

Sis said...