Saturday, March 17, 2007

We've arrived in the USofA!

Despite Rob's frantic clock-watching as we left a few minutes late (well, almost 40 to be fair!) we both thought we were going to be running late for our car collection at 10:00 - however, all was hunkey-dorey as we pulled up at 09:55 and unloaded our 3 bags! The flight was trouble-free, we did leave about 20mins late, but being in our huge 'room to stretch' seats, being served champagne, tonic water and macadamia nuts, it didn't prove to be a huge issue!

We were able to sit opposite each other quite comfortably and have dinner, with proper cutlery, a table cloth and everything! (we've pinched the menu for our scrap book!) but it was all quite delicious :) We had the first 2 seats (one each side of the plane) right at the nose (under the pilot) so between us we had 6 windows and I managed to get an excellent aerial shot of T5 as we took off too.

After dinner we both snuggled down for a snooze and managed a good couple of hours each before watching a movie (Mum, I watched 'Happy Feet' but I think I missed the very beginning, it was good though - and the graphics are fabulous ... I had trouble when I was a kid to figure out what was cartoon & not, well - I'd not stand a chance if I was a kid now!!)

The whole flight was done in daylight - so once we were about 1.5hrs before landing we opened the shutters again, just as we were flying over Denver Airport & the Rockies (snow capped), it was really clear in places and we've got some great shots of the scenery. I think we've captured a dam too - but we'll have to see on the 'big screen'! The decent into Phoenix was clear too although we were realling from the shock of the pilot welcoming us to Arizona with the words, 'the temperature at our destination is currently 35oC' ... and we've packed fleeces!!

The hotel was about a 20min cab ride & we just off loaded our bags in the room & went across the road to a sports bar to grab a beer and some bar snacks before heading back for a shower. So now I'm off to chill out with a coffee and then to bed. Excellent first day - the adventure proper will begin tomorrow when we collect the RV (after 1300hrs!) which will be 8pm your time, so think of us then x

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