Monday, March 26, 2007

Pucker Pass...

Live from Moab, Utah, a fantastic little town in western Utah not that far from Colorado (click here for a map). It's surrounded by national and stateparks - Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point to name but a few. Dead Horse Point is very special to us as it was the first park we visited back in October 2003. Blows the Grand Canyon away (way over rated) and has some amazing views.

It's the end of our first day. After a slow start we rented a jeep and decided to blaze some trails around town. We headed up to Dead Horse Point, then onto Canyonlands and from there took the 'Long Canyon' trail back into town. On the map it looked pretty straight froward and it started out pretty well. Then round the first bend and we've got a single track road with a 1000ft drop on one side. It was straight into four wheel drive and into the lowest gear as we inched down the track. Abi was driving and did a sterling job. The highlight was 'pucker pass'. A VERY large rock had fallen over the trail some years back and you drive underneath it (the photo above shows Abi underneath the rock).

There are some fantastic photo's of the trail on this web site. The funniest thing we saw was an electric golf cart coming up the track when we were half way down. No idea where they had come from. The trail is 18 miles long and these two pensioners were making their way up the track in a bright green golf cart!!!!!! Abi thought they might be looking for their ball. I thought it might be one of my dads they were looking for, I saw him practice on the driving range a few weeks ago and his slice is something to behold!!!

We finished up a
t the bottom of the trail an hour later relieved but pleased with our progress. Tomorrow we are going to try the 'Shafer Trail' which runs from Canyonlands (Islands in the Sky view point), down into the park, around the Colorado river and into Moab. Look at the photo below and you'll see park of the trail running across the middle!!!!

As my American friends would say...AWESOME. x


Julie MacColl said...

Looks amazing guys. I can't wait to see New York but your trip looks juts fab! love Jules, Murray and Alexandra

Sis said...

WOW!! Your photo's are amazing, can't believe how 'awesome' the scenery is! Must have been great fun driving around in that jeep ... made me think of Top Gear and off roading. Fantastic!

Look forward to more. Take care xxx

Pauline said...

This is all so exciting, can hardly wait each day for your update!!!!!and what a superb "double act" you make. Your antics really make us laugh and your courage!!! and driving skills are awsome!!!!!Did you not see me waving from the golf cart ?????love you lots..take carexxxxxxx

Rags said...

Watch your mouth about my golf - Bedford Golf Club Seniors Champion 2005