Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jerry Jeep and the last trail .....

After a fantastic nights sleep we arose slowly, what with us being on holiday! The sun was shining & we had brekkie, getting set for a new day 'out on the road' - just as we were about to leave Rob trotted happily down the RV steps (avoiding the shoes) and promptly caught his trouser pocket on the door latch, only realising when he was on ground level and there was huge gaping hole in this trousers :-( very upset as they've been a favourite since purchased - so that's 2 out of 3 pairs in the bin and we had big poutty lip & everything. Went for a small search of new combats and nothing (well nothing longer than 30" anyway) - so we're down to the tan pair ... I'm sure a hunt when we reach somewhere with some more shops will prove fruitful!

We headed into Arches National Park again & on entering the Ranger told us to watch out this
afternoon for thunder storms & snow showers ... much to my amusement, he was serious ... the wind had been pretty gusty, but over & above that, not much & it was still knocking 20oC. We had a look round the visitor centre & learnt how & why 'arches' appear. We had a chat with another Ranger about good 'off road' tracks and away we went. I wanted to go to Devils Garden (north of the park) to do a walk to 'Landscape Arch' and then further round (we were told to seek cover if thunder started, but over & above that, we should be OK).

Well, when we got the the Trail Head the clouds came over, dust storms were blowing (due to the
aforementioned wind) & off we set, hardy trekkers that we have now become. Well - hardy or stupid I'm not sure, but it was cold & the sand/dust got everywhere - we went pink & gritty ... your mouth was like a couple of fillings had just been drilled out and there was 'grit' everywhere. Both of us wanted to give up but half of us was saying no - crack on! So, we made it to a very impressive Landscape Arch, but forfeited the rest of the 7mile loop (compromise!).

We then headed off road, which initially looked (and was) very easy - the Ranger had said the first part of the trail could be done in 2 wheel drive & then it split off towards the top. The road wasn't near a massive drop (always good!) and was just gravel - which, I was to soon find out, could be deceiving as we 'lost' the back end a couple of times! 6 or so miles in we took the spur road which warned '4 wheel drive vehicles only - high clearance required' and then almost immediately we saw why.... I, at this point, stopped as I was not confident we were 'high clearance' enough ... Rob however, regaining every ounce of manhood - took the challenge (see below) ... but the weather was getting worse & the fuel light had come on, so we had to call it a day :-(

[Rob here: I've uploaded ANOTHER video to Google Video. Click on play to see the video]

We've both had such a great time with Jerry-Jeep though, will definitely do it again!
Back into town for a fuel stop, lunch supplies for the rest of the week & dinner at a diner - then home, showered & here we are. Off for scabble challenge or James Bond! The jeep goes back in the morning & then we're heading straight off for Mesa Verde - night x