Monday, March 19, 2007

The bus moves on.....

We spent yesterday wandering round the lovely city of Sedona and taking a jeep tour into the Red Rock National Park (see the photo's on Flickr). After a fantastic couple of days it's time to get the show on the road. What do the next few days have in store??? Well let me tell you! We're off to Walmart again to provision (the bedding the company provided in their 'not so cheap' personal packs, is awful so we're going to see if we can't buy a cheap duvet, pillows & fitted sheet!) and we're then heading north on I17 to Flagstaff, AZ. From there we get on Route 89, stopping off at a couple of small national parks on the way to Lake Powell, AZ for two nights at Wahweap Marina/NP. En-route we're going to stop at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument - the shifting cinders make it too unstable to walk to the rim but we can walk the Lava Flow Trail (1mile!) at the base...

The drive should be interesting and I'm sure we'll have a few tales to tell. Everyone we've met in the RV park have been very friendly. People have come over to say hello and offer help. As you can see from the photo of our RV it's obvious it's a rental. I was emptying the bilge tanks yesterday and the hose had more holes than a string vest - nice! we rapidly turned off the valves & bought a new hose! After fiddling about & a couples kind assistance, I managed to empty the tanks. Not as bad as I thought.

Right the sat nav is programmed and we've got to make sure everything is secure before we leave. I'm not sure about Internet access over the next few days but we'll do our best to update the blog when we can.

Have fun.....:-)


Muzza said...

Great to see the photos and read the very detailed rundown on what you've been up to. Big pat on the back to Abi for having the guts to drive that monster. Rob I will ensure that you never live it down if you don't spend at least a day behind the wheel of that thing.

Be safe.

Mum said...

Mum says - Congratulations for driving 'that thing', but it must be in your blood. You are not a farmers Granddaughter for nothing!!! Loved the Elton John jeep. Lovely photographs - looking forward to seeing more in due course.

SJ said...

Photo's are absolutely fab! Great to hear about your adventure ... looking forward to the next installment. Well done Abs for driving that'monster' ... bless Rob. The male population will never live that one down !! Lol
I'm sure you'll come into your own in another department ... maybe BBQ?!
Take care ... drive carefully xxx

Rags said...

Glad to hear from you. Are you going to the Grand Canyon to go on the sky walk? There are lots of photos in the paper about this and it really looks very interesting. It's $35 a go! Don't fall off the edge.
Hope to hear from you soon
Lots of love Rags, Pam and the dogs xxx