Friday, March 30, 2007

Adventures in Colorado...

We left Moab on a sunny but cold Wednesday morning only to hit a snow storm 20 miles down the road. It was touch and go for a little while but we soon cleared the bad weather and arrived at our RV Park for the evening. We were staying in a small town to Cortez in Colorado. Not the most picturesque of towns, but it was the nearest town to Mesa Verde, the next park on our long list of national parks!!!!

We were off to a great start when I locked the keys in the RV!!!! 20 minutes and $50 later we were back in. The park wasn't too bad, everyone seemed quite pleasant but most of the people seemed to be long term residents. Anyway, after a quick walk to Walmart where Abi picked up some SKORTS (anyone who guesses what these are wins a prize) and a $3 shirt / dress we settled down for dinner & a movie.

It snowed over night and it was SOOO COLD!!!!!!!!! Our little heater couldn't keep up and we ended up underneath a duvet and 4 blankets and we still weren't warm enough. The water pipe and the serwer outlet froze (after I was told that it wouldn't freeze by our park hosts!!!) so I spent a fun hour this morning defrosting the pipes. The sewer hose was a delight.

We left a little later than expected and drove 9 miles to the park thinking that was all the driving we'd had to do that morning. Little did we know the visitor centre was 20 miles from the main entrance on a road that had more switchbacks than the Stelvio Pass (& that has 48!!!!). So an hour later we arrived at the main visitor centre. Interesting park - lots of Indian cliff dwellings, from 500AD (dug in the ground) to early brickwork. In the museum they showed the pottery, early belts made from doghair (!), tools & weapons.

We left the park around 3 for Monument Valley, today's final destination.
Our drive took us from Colorado, into New Mexico for 2 minutes, Arizona for 30 minutes and into Utah. On the way we passed through the Four Corners, the only place that four states actually touch. Its managed by the Navajo Indians and for $3 per person you can stand in all four states at once!!!!! Well we had to go and have a look and here I am....My feet in Utah and New Mexico!!!!! I could have got down on all fours but I didn't want to make a complete fool of myself, I'll leave that to Abi.... (I didn't get down on all fours either - too many people around + it was too damn cold!)

We'd been warned by the guide book that we couldn't bring alcohol into the Navajo Nation. We assumed it was just one of the strange US liquor laws. What we did notice was the huge number of bottles scattered at the side of the road. From the moment we left the Four Corners until we arrived in Monument Valley all we could see was bottles lying at the side of the road. We must have been driving for a good couple of hours. Its a beautiful place and it was such a shame to see. I'm assuming there's an alcohol problem and most people buy their liquor out of state and drink it on the way back.

Anyway, it's been a long day and we have a longer day planned tomorrow. We're off to Canyon De Chelly National Monument for a few hours then heading back towards Sedona for our final night in minnie before returning to Phoenix on Saturday. 7 hours driving covering 350 miles.

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Sis said...

Skorts are shorts that have a front covering to resemble a skirt. There you go .... so do I get some Skorts ?! Lol
Two postcards arrived from you this week ... thanks,nice stickers Abs x
Liked the video clip, though had it up full blast at work, wasn't expecting music! Nice driving though my 'off roading' Bro!
The blog is fantastic you two, well done. It's almost like travelling with you! Keep it coming. Take care ... love you both lots xxxxx