Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More form and function..

Money burns a hole in my pocket and I've just bought us a new Apple MacBook. When I say new I actually mean an Apple refurbished Macbook which looks brand new but comes with a 32% discount. Fan-tas-tic. Very impressed so far. It's a 13" laptop, with a 60GB hard drive, bluetooth, wireless (B&G), dvd and cd burner, inbuilt web cam and a remote control. Having a Intel chip rather than the usual PowerPC chip I can run windows on it too. In fact I'm currently running Max OS X and Windows right now switching between the two to work. How cool is that. All for under £600. I know a bargin when I see one

Oh and I hope you like the new Blog layout. It looks fantastic on the new MAC.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,
I'm sooooooooo jealous! Does it really work with Windows too? Can I put XP on it and all my Windows-Software is running (working? which word is the correct one?)? My DATEV bookkeeping software maybe??? That would be georgeous.
Big hug, Alex