Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yum cha....

Went to lunch, a very early lunch with friends this morning. 11:00 in Chinatown for my first experience of Yum Char which apparently means drinking tea.

I would describe it as a Chinese Meze. Lots of small portions of food eaten while drinking tea or coke in my case. It was way too early for a beer. I could still taste my toothpaste.

Interesting concept. You sit at a table as staff come round with what I can only describe as Hostess trolleys. You then decide how many servings you want, they stamp a card and then disappear. Several minutes later someone else will appear.

Another fantastic day weather wise. Must have reached 26 degrees with clear blue skies. I'm sure Abi is missing this and would rather be here than at home in the cold.

Right back to another episode of the West Wing. Have a great Sunday.

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Abi said...

You are correct, I would much rather be sitting in the sunshine and the warmth, rather than huddled in my puffa-jacket and socks and scarf etc etc., my nose is still cold :-(
I can't say I was jealous of your lunch though - most of the dishes being fish, wouldn't have tempted me & then if the best poultry option was feet, I may well have been drinking tea and chasing grains of rice round my plate with chopsticks - good for weight loss and a cheap date (bargin!) - glad you enjoyed it though & have a good week back at work xx