Thursday, January 11, 2007

Will be posting later :)

Another update on comments for the members of my side of the familiy. Just thought you'd like a little help.
1. Click on the comments link underneath the particular entry
2. Enter your comments
3. Click on ‘Other’ and enter your name or alias
4. Hit Publish.

Job done, it’s simple, don’t be lazy!!!

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Abi said...

just looked at my 10 day forecast as a small comparison, we have rain / showers / clouds and WIND (and lots of it) for the foreseeable future :-( it's all quite depressing, it's drizzle and cruddy - we need a good storm, have it over and done with and then some clear skies (even frost would be an improvement!)
mmm ... you're dying to get home now aren't you?!?!