Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sydney weather...

Its a weird, weird place. One minute sunny, hot as hell and a glorious day. The next overcast, cold, raining and very much like home. Its fortunate that I'm not going to the beach today. Current temperature at 11:05 this morning is 22 degree's.

Following image is from a Sydney webcam taken a few seconds ago. Looks great doesn't it!!! That could be the river Thames. Will update the blog with my travels later today. Nite all!!!

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Abi said...

You must have been thinking of me yesterday morning .... I seem to attract the clouds, although not today (sunday) appropriately the 'sun' is shining and the sky is pretty cloudless, it is making it lots cooler, but now it feels a bit more like winter! Off to do some weeding in a second so you won't moan at my birdies when you come home!! I've had to move the birdtable though as there's been a ginger cat that has been getting on the roof of the table, off next doors fence (bugger)- no feathered casualties that I've noticed though! (I know you're thrilled x)