Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Someone is watching you...

Click here for an article from Baltimore Sun. Makes for interesting reading regarding Web Vigilantes (Webilantes?...no perhaps not.) I'm not going to regurgitate the facts so read the article and let me know what you think.

I think Channel 4 should cancel Big Brother. It's been widely reported around the world, even in Australia and it's awful if people think it's representative of the British population as a whole. "The cult of celebrity is often considered representative of the perceived attitudes towards deliberate apathy, trivia, and dumbing down in popular culture." While we're at it lets ban all reality TV, OK and Hello magazine and all those crappy magazines that headline the "First interview with since they left the house". Why are people famous for being stupid? It can't be all about looks, take Jade for example. Look at some of the recent house mates who thought 'East Angular' was another country, who couldn't tell you that Winston Churchill was a wartime leader and they 'like blinking, they do!!!'.

Nearly finished, only another 12 hours to go and I can't wait. Sorry Australia, I'm going to have to leave!!!!! The countries IQ will drop considerably (can't wait for the barbed comments). Women will wail, grown men will weep and Mr Howard will discuss it in the house. I need to research protocol as I'm not sure if I salute when reviewing the honour guard tomorrow ;-) Seriously, it's been a pleasure to stay in this wonderful country but there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!! I'm going to kick my heels, close my eyes, have a few glasses of wine, sit on a plane for 24 hours and I'll be back in Blighty. Land of Hope and Glory, Marmite, Steak and Kidney Pie, Black Pudding, Stonehenge, Her Majesty QEII, Tottenham Hotspurs, Arsenal, Indian take-a-ways and last but so not least...Abi (& my parents!!!).

Song of the week: Spitfire, The Prodigy
Album of the week: Foo Fighters, In Your Honour
Lyric of the Week:
If love was water, then you would be my sea
I’m never thirsty, when you are here with me
I’ve found salvation, from all the pain within
This fallen angel, has suddenly found his wings

P.S. If you can tell me who wrote the lyrics I'll give you a bottle of the finest champagne. (And don't bother with Google, it won't find them.).
P.P.S. The West Wing - If you haven't watched it urge you to get a copy now. Fantastic!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Auntie Robbie
We cannot let your crack about collective IQ's go, particularly when the piece was drafted by a functional illiterate who cannot tell the difference between the plural of country and the use of a collective (country's).
It has been a pleasure to tolerate yet another refugee from a place where it gets dark around 3 and takes pride in Page 3 girls, black pudding and marmite.

So my friend to leave the emerald city by the water,click your heels together 3 times and say after me'There's no place like home, there's no place like home'.

Come and see us again soon and best to Abi
lotsa love
J, Fe and the bloodnut.

Abi said...

well, I can't add anything about the Big Bros thing, it's all done for publicity at the end of the day and some people (or Channel 4 in this case) aren't bothered who they trample on on the way there .. this whole thing started as 'bullying' rather than racism, but what's the thing they keep harping on about ...?! Yes Jade is uneducated, rude and ignorant, but up until now she's done really well for herself - but heh ho, ooh the price of fame!
You'll be starting your LAST DAY by the time you read this - glad you're feeling better and don't forget to DRINK LOTS :-) (of water!!).... xxxx

Mr W said...

I have never commented on my awful use of the ENGLISH language. I thought everyone knew I was a dense as two planks of very thick wood :-)

It’s been a pleasure and I look forward to returning in the not too distant future. In the meantime I'm off to conquer Germany, the US, Belgium and Italy


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, interesting article. I got a 'distrbute all' e-mail bagging the parking of a car in our work car park (rego no. provided) it happened to be my car. I had parked carefully in the double stack area, but the person behind me had to go out and was able to get around me (so hadn't called for me to move my car), but it left my parking effort look selfish. A colleague let the person know it was me - expecting her to contact me directly - but NO. Another 'distrbute all' e-mail came around bagging me by name!

I didn't have to say or do anything as my colleagues very quickly alerted the Manager, Director and the GM about ALL that had happen and the attitude.

I finally received a very curt and vaguely apologetic e-mail from the 'distrbute all' e-mailler!!!

Footnote: when she left it cost the Manager a fortune, no one would put in for her going away gift!!!

REMEMBER: What goes around comes around! And know your audience!!

Sorry we couldn't catch up, have to catch you next time.

Ciao Bello

Fe, J and Bloodnut the Flatulent

Anonymous said...

Hey auntie Robbie
It may be a little cloudy here in sydney but it is SNOWING in Guildford