Sunday, January 14, 2007

Random thoughts...

Some people may think that my travels around the world are some sort of paid vacation. That I get to see lots of wonderful places and experience so much. I travel first class and stay in wonderful hotels. I enjoy meals out on the company and get chauffeured around. Yes, it's nice to be able to see these places and every day I think how fortunate I am to do what I do. I know that there are many people who would love to do this.

it's not all fun and games. This is a serious business. My company has invested a small fortune in these trips and expects a significant pay back. I've spend a 28 weeks in Australia since January 05 and apart from two weeks vacation I've had the grand total of six working days off (excluding weekends). Three of those were holidays and two were sick days. That's it! Since September last year I've spent 5 weeks at home. Just five weeks!!!

I get up every weekday morning at 6am, catch a ride to work and get back anytime between 5 and 8. Once I'm back at the hotel there are endless evening telephone conferences, minutes to write and emails to send. Then it's time to hit the sack and the whole cycle repeats itself. I work in a nondescript office 10 miles from the city centre in a very ordinary suburb. I spend all day in an air conditioned, tinted windowed cocoon. Lunch is a sandwich and a coke, dinner is usually pretty mundane too (unless Abi is here). So if you can spare the time an email, comment or call is appreciated. It's lonely out here on my own.

Why do I write this blog. We'll partly as a record for myself. It helps to be able to recall what we were up to, anything interesting we've seen or experienced and our or my thoughts. It feels good to be able to put things down from time to time. At the moment it feels like I have verbal diarrhea so expect more random thoughts to appear over the next few days.

Have a lovely Sunday, or whats left of it and I'll be back tomorrow.


Abi said...

hello baby :-) (sorry, yes! only me again) - I'd just to add a small HEY!:
"heh people, if you can't comment on the blog or have nothing to add which is related, you are allowed send a non-related 'what we've been up to' email too"!!
I'd also like to point out that you don't travel first class (merely business!) you only get properly chauffered when I'm there and no matter how nice the hotel, when you're there on your jack-jones the novelty soon wears off and you are indeed just left to your own company - which generally drives you to (a) work more (b) add more stuff to a blog! Reason (a) is why companies love you to come away and reason (b) is good for us. Chin up honey - you'll be home soon enough & then everyone else will get the opportunity to moan back at you for not updating the blog or being in touch :-) xx

Anonymous said...

Hey guys
I too can appreciate the tyranny of distance and endless hotels, including spending the first 9 months of married life in another city 400 miles fron home.
That is why Auntie Robbie and Uncle Abi are welcome at the 'ville any time they choose to help chase away them transcedental homesick blues.

J& Fe
PS we promise no chicken's feet for Rob or piscatorial delights for Abi

Rags said...

Well at least you are getting better weather than we are here - so it can't all be bad. Many years the then ruling party spent a lot of money to send me away to Kenya for over two years so enjoy the experience you are having now.