Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The joys of being airbourne...

Just found out that I have to go to Munich in February to brief our new employers on a project I've been working on. Not particularly looking forward to it but I suppose it has to be done. This will mean that by June of this year (Munich in Feb, Phoenix March/April, Belgium in May & Italy in June) I will have been out the country for at least part of the preceding eleven months. What you won't believe is that I have a spreadhseet that lists EVERY flight I have taken since June 1980. How sad am I? Let me break down some of those stats for you.

I've flown 404,588 miles, been airborne for 886 hours (not including stop overs) and been out of the country for 978 days. Since working on this project (started Jan 05) I've flown 124,608 miles, been airborne for 265 hours and spent 275 days out of the country.

In fact since I first started to seriously travel on business (Feb 01) I've spent 851 days out of the country or to put it another way 39% of the time.

It's interesting what you know when you're sad like me and record useless information. On the plus side Abi and I have been rewarded with over 800,000 airmiles. Thank God it's not a taxable benefit!!!


Abi said...

see, the key to a good relationship is good letter writing, phone calls, emails and texts - who needs to be in the same country!! it's no wonder we get on so well :) - on that note tho' hurry home ... xxx

Rob & Abi said...

8 sleeps and counting xxx