Thursday, January 04, 2007

it's fast approaching

Not a lot to report on from Australia. Abi left on Friday just as I was suffering from food poisoning. I’m not a 100% but feeling a lot better now. Back to work tomorrow and looking forward to getting this project wrapped up and moving on to something new. The IM reorganisation is starting to gather speed and I’m quite interested to see what opportunities there may be. All quite exciting. MacWorld 2007 is kicking off next week. Usually a platform for Apple to launch a number of new gadgets. Last year it was Intel processors, revamped iPods and a sneak preview of the new Mac Operating System, Leopard

What can we expect this year?
iTV, iPhone, revamped iPods, who knows. There is a real buzz on the internet and even Wall Street analysts are talking about the iPod Phone. What would I like to see?? For starters a 12" MacBook Pro, 200GB Hard Drive & ATI Graphics Card, iTV launched as soon as possible, rather than 2Q 2007, an iPhone with a 200GB Hard Drive and and Airport Express that allows video streaming rather than just Audio. If thats the case I would be online and ordering within minutes.

The iPOD is a fantastic invention, far, far better than any other product on the market. It looks good, sounds good and works so well with the iTunes music store. Abi bought me a pair of Bose headphones last week and the sound quality is outstanding, along with the iPod these are two of the best gifts I have ever received. Here I am in Australia, iPod plugged into the TV and I'm working my way through my collection of war movies. How fantastic is that!!!!!! I urge you all to buy one now. Well, perhaps you want to wait a week and see if a new one is available.

Below is an image from the Apple Mac US Web Site. Call me a geek if you like but this is exciting..!!! Bring it on Mr Jobs :-)

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Abi said...

"GEEK" (well, you did say we could call you one if we so desired!) some of the 'lingo' means nothing to me, but your enthusiasm is great :-) I just know it's going to cost us!! I'm glad you like your headphones, the guy next to me on the plane had the noise cancelling ones & he got them from the US where they appear to be half the price .... should I have mentioned that?!?

Glad you're feeling better too - sorry I had to leave you as a little 'sick boy' ... I did ask if they could 'bump me' but sadly - no.

Looking forward to some more pix, just coz I'm not there it doesn't mean you can go photo-less!! get some practice in :-)

lots of love xx me xx