Monday, January 01, 2007

Gold Class Bondi

We had a lovely evening last night (in bed by 03:45) and woke up early-ish this morning (10am) to head off to the cinema. Jules, Murray & Alexander had bought us tickets to a Gold Class cinema for Christmas... how treated are we..? - thank you! We decided to watch ‘The Holiday’ at Bondi Junction this afternoon as we thought it would be a nice start to the New Year.

For those of you who have never experienced Gold Class cinema let me bring you up to speed on the 'first class version of cinema experiences'! We arrived at the cinema and discovered a separate entrance with a lounge and bar. After handing over our tickets we were then asked what refreshments we would like to order for the film. Everything is delivered to your seat; you just have to decide what you want and specify when you want it. As we hadn’t paid for the tickets we decided to treat ourselves to a bottle of wine, chicken pieces, nachos, an ice cream sundae and cheesecake. We held back as we wanted to save some room for dinner!!!!! We were then escorted to our seats, although I wouldn’t call them seats, more like large reclining armchairs. They were situated in pairs with a small table and wine cooler (see pic below). Each cinema contains 40 seats and kids aren’t allowed. It was perfect and I can’t thank the Murray & Jules enough for the generous gift.

After leaving the cinema we walked down to Bondi Beach just to say we’d been there. Lovely beach but the area around it reminded me of Clacton. A little run down and lots of backpackers' hotels. We took a few photos and then caught the bus back to Hyde Park and walked to the apartment. We had hoped to get the ferry over to Milsons Point to take some night time shots of the harbour (looking over the water at the City, Circular Quay & the Opera House) but the weather turned and it’s pouring down (see the shot of the weird Sydney weather below) so we’ll try again tomorrow night.

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Abi said...

As noones bothered to post a comment here, I'd like to say 'wow, look at those clouds' what a great photograph, capturing the weather perfectly!

Also, how comfy do those seats look, wouldn't mind having one of those at home to watch the odd movie or two in - perhaps that could be our business idea and we should approach Odean or UCI..?!