Saturday, January 13, 2007


Had a great day wandering round Sydney and visiting a few of the museums. Very interesting, especially the Video exhibit at the MCA. Not really sure I understood or appreciated everything I saw but it was enjoyable all the same.

Managed to do a little shopping on the way home. Picked up some jeans (at last a shop that has my size in stock) and a couple of DVDs. I'm reading a book about Bill Clinton's press secretary, I wanted to by his biography but books are so expensive down here. Instead I picked up a cheap copy of the
West Wing. Watched a couple of episodes and it's fantastic, and Rob Low (Special Assistant) is great in this. I always thought he was a good actor and its good to see him in a decent series. I've meant to watch the series for ages but have never got round to it. Glad I managed to pick it up.

If anyone is interested I've added a few of the series to my Amazon wish list. Just remember to take a peek before my birthday. :-)


Abi said...

well your Birthday isn't until September, by which time you'll have changed your mind 100 times and the new iphone will nearly be out, so we'll all be saving our pennies! Don't forget the limit is 23kgs and books weigh lots :-) you've a small library already purchased - so good luck with cracking through that first! Enjoy your yum-cha?!?! (or however it's spelt!) and I look forward to hearing all about how the chickens feet taste - mmmm!

Abi said...

just to say about your Amazon Wish List ... do you know we've still got DVD's that we've not watched yet (and some still in the cellophane!?) - make sure you come back in winter (!!) and we can cook up some popcorn and have a movie fest on the first wet and miserable day that you're home x

Anonymous said...

They tasted great, Abi, but Rob was not to be drawn into that highly desirable part of the feast. The fried White Bait, Salt & Pepper Crab, Prawn Wontons, combination gaugees (? spelling) etc. etc were yum. Couldn't fit in the BBQ Pork, Pork Buns, but did manage the chinese donuts!!

And Rob managed to remember the tupperware and the book for J - Thanks.

Off to bed now. Bye