Friday, January 12, 2007

Breaking news...

Looks like I'm here until the 27th. There's plenty of work and it seems I'm in demand. Nothing going on back at the home office so I'm going to have to suffer another week in this hell hole :-)

I was planning to go to Manly tomorrow but have decided to go to a couple of exhibitions in town. I'm off to the Customs House first thing in the morning, they have a couple of Photography Exhibitions and an exhibit on 'Drinking Habits - Pub Culture around Sydney'. Should be interesting. I also want to go to the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). They have an exhibit from the Pomidou in Paris entitled 'video art from 1965 to 2005'. 'Discover how moving imagery has become ubiquitous in both contemporary art and our daily lives with this exhibition of video art drawn from the extensive collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris.' I know nothing about video art so it's an opportunity to learn something.

I'll be sure to update the blog tomorrow with my thoughts. Thanks to Herb and Mr M for their comments on the earlier post. I wish you a great Friday and a fantastic weekend. I see the weather back home is not good, max of 11 degrees tomorrow. It's currently 25 degree's in Sydney and hit 27 degrees earlier with clear blue skies. It should be 23 tomorrow. Fantastic!!!!

In response to Muzza's comment on fiddling the books I remembered references to Apple, Share Options and the SEC. Looks like Mr Jobs has been telling a few porkies. Check this article in the FT regarding the backdating of share options :-) Not exactly on par with Enron and it seems they are one of 160 companies being investigated but probably not good business practice. Will research a little more at the weekend.


Abi said...

you do make me laugh ... I'm going to the Customs House 'First Thing', sorry that was it!! :-) it's the whole 'first thing' concept which most people would associate with 09:00 and bashing down the door ... what time did you get there baby...??

Abi said...

this has nothing to do with the amount I Love You xx